Mike Choroszewski

independent computer consultant,
specialising in systems analysis, database design and programming.


Mike Choroszewski, a director of AMCHO Computer Services Ltd, is a graduate of London University with a degree in Computer Science & Physics, he has been employed in the Computer Industry for over 20 years as a programmer, analyst programmer, team and project leader.

With a wide experience of different systems from mainframes through minicomputers to PCs he has been involved in all phases of project development from feasibility studies to final implementation, as well as in the maintenance and enhancement of live systems. He has been developing Windows applications using
Superbase on a Novell network of PCs for some five years. He has an in depth knowledge of COBOL BASIC and SQL. He is familiar with the Shipping and Forwarding and road haulage industries.


'One of Mikes particular skills is problem solving - getting to the root of the problem in a professional and efficient manner - with tact and diplomacy - without alienating the people involved.'.

If you would like a quote for any project that requires a knowledge of Superbase or Basic or COBOL or SQL please forward a short description of the project via email or fill in our feedback form.
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AMCHO Computer Services Ltd, Tamar Way, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9DH, UK

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